A Very Foul Smell Triggered Panic and Got 6 People Hospitalised. Turns Out, it Was Fruit

Photo: Canva

Photo: Canva

Police later found out that the odour was coming from a durian fruit.

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Six people working at a Bavarian post office in Germany had to be hospitalised with many others evacuated after they reported of a bad smell coming from a suspicious package. Earlier, it was thought that some dangerous gas led to the pungent smell, which created panic. However, police later found out that the odour was coming from a durian fruit.

Police had received a call informing them about the release of a harmful substance from a parcel. When they reached the spot in Schweinfurt last week on Saturday, they discovered that the package was actually contained a delivery of four Thai durian fruits. It was sent to a 50-year-old resident by his friend in Nuremberg.

The officers had to clear 60 people from the building. Twelve of the post office’s staff underwent treatment for nausea, including the six who were rushed to the hospital.

Durian fruit is also known as the “king of fruits”, but its pungent smell has forced many hotels to ban it. It is also prohibited on public transport across Asia.

This is not the first time that the fruit has led to a panic-like situation. Last year, the durian fruit’s smell prompted the evacuation of a library at the University of Canberra.

The fruit is a big earner in Thailand as the country produced 600,000 tonnes in 2018, mainly for export, reported The Guardian.

Durian fruit is quite popular in China as well. However, the opinions over its taste have always remain divided. Some compare its texture with that of a cheesecake, while others find it like unwashed feet and rotten onions.

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