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Indian TV Actress' 'Accidental Shaadi' With Falling Sindoor is a Viral Gem You Can't Miss

Indian TV Actress' 'Accidental Shaadi' With Falling Sindoor is a Viral Gem You Can't Miss

The sindoor gets stuck on the man's sleeve and inadvertently falls on the woman's hair in Indian daily soap 'Rishta Hum Likhenge Naya'.

Indian TV serials are a gift that keep on giving. Talk about defying physics and laws of nature, and Indian TV serials will never disappoint. From accidentally falling into a suitcase to getting strangulated in a curtain after a slap, it is a content treasure trove. The special effects of ‘Naagin’, etc are for discussion some other day. But another clip has surfaced and the Internet is collectively asking “HOW”. It is an ‘accidental shaadi’ scene, where sindoor gets stuck on a man’s sleeve and inadvertently falls on a woman’s hair. TADA, the two are married. Physics has once again been asked to take a backseat. Logic? What is that? Kumar Sanu sings “Aaja teri suni suni maang ko mai bhar dun” in the background.

The Twitter thread says the scene is from the 2018 TV serial Rishta Hum Likhenge Naya.

Earlier, a similar logic-defying scene cracked up the Internet from ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan 2’ drama aired on Colors TV
The scene features protagonist Ridhima Vansh, played by Helly Shah, who is walking as she appears to be bothered by something. All of a sudden, she trips over an open suitcase and bangs her head against the wall. After taking the blow to their head, she falls into the same suitcase in the posture that has her fit inside it perfectly. Things only get wilder when the suitcase magically zips itself and Ridhima seems to be trapped inside it.

A man is then seen carrying the closed suitcase and then flinging it into a swimming pool. Meanwhile, another man, Vansh Raisinghania played by Rrahul Sudhir, is looking for trapped Ridhima and slides by the poolside to see the bag sinking along with the drowning woman.

But 2020’s best moment was the burning question of ‘Rasode mai kaun tha’. The scene from Saath Nibhana Saathiya went viral and musician Yashraj Mukhate composed a mashup of the scene keeping it on to of trends for weeks. Hope meme lords don’t disappoint us with the latest anti-physics scene.

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