'Acknowledge and Weaponise Your Privilege': Logan Paul's Anti-racism Rant Wins Him Praise

Logan Paul.

Logan Paul.

In the podcast, Paul discussed how everyone needs to hold their kin, friends, politicians, and even cops accountable for 'systemic racism'.

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  • Last Updated: June 4, 2020, 1:08 PM IST
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American YouTuber Logan Paul is being praised for his anti-racism speech at the beginning of his latest Impaulsive podcast episode.

Paul condemned racism and talked about his own privilege as a white man, the Insider reported. In the episode, titled "America is Racist," Paul discussed how everyone needs to hold their kin, friends, politicians, and police officers accountable for 'systemic racism'.

"You have to be anti-racist. "You condemn those who feign superiority because of the color of their skin," Paul said in the two-minute-long podcast.

"Make your voice heard. Attend a protest. Speak up against injustice," Paul said. "If you're white, if you look like me, use your privilege. And for those who do not think white privilege exists, you are f---ing blind. You are delusional."

Acknowledge and weaponize your privilege, he urged his listeners, adding that he attended the anti-racism protests because he like others wanted to find a solution to the country's "inability to truly treat humans as equals" in 244 years of existence.

"On behalf of Breonna Taylor, we must change. On behalf of Ahmaud Arbery, we must advance," he said. "And on behalf of George Floyd, and the hundreds of others who have been unjustly murdered in this country, we must evolve," he said towards the end of the podcast.

The clip soon went viral on social and scores of people, including Paul's critics, praised him for taking the strong stand.

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