'Maa Tujhe Salaam': Shabana Azmi's Tribute to a Mother Carrying Baby at Work Goes Viral

(Credit: Twitter/ Shabana Azmi)

(Credit: Twitter/ Shabana Azmi)

Viral photo shared by veteran actress Shabana Azmi showed a woman working at a construction site while carrying her baby in a sling tied to her shoulders.

Hindi cinema’s veteran actress Shabana Azmi took to her social media account to pay her tribute to motherhood, especially those mothers who are underprivileged.

On Wednesday, the Arth actress shared an image of a woman balancing a baby on her back and bricks on her head. She captioned it, “Maa tujhe salaam.”

The woman who is working at a construction site, was photographed carrying her baby in a sling tied to her shoulders.

Netizens were quick to react to the image, some spoke of the poverty, which forced the lady to handle two jobs at once. One user commented, “Millions & crores of our brothers and sisters hv to live a very hard life for a half plate of food (sic).” Others lamented the poverty of the country, as another user commented, “No country for poor.”

Azmi is known for her dedication to work for the poor and does this through her welfare society called Mijwan. The NGO was started by her father and renowned Urdu poet Kaifi Azmi. The foundation has come forward to help the needy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mijwan has donated face masks to the poor. MWS has also started funds to help the daily wage workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Azmi has been a vocal activist for the rights of the poor since her early days. She was arrested in 2014 for leading protests against land acquisition of slum dwellers in Mumbai. Azmi had protested against Mumbai municipal corporation’s move to demolish slums of the poor in the city.

Azmi was accompanied by documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan and Lima Sehgal on April 1, 2014 when the police arrested them and took them to Azad Maidan police station, according to a Times of India report. The news of her arrest brought her fellow colleagues like Om Puri and Vijay Tendulkar to her rescue.

The social activist lost her mother Shaukat Azmi, who was also a theatre artist, last year in November. Shaukat and her husband were associated with the Indian People's Theatre Association (IPTA) and the Progressive Writers Association (IWA), which were the cultural platforms of the Communist Party of India. Kaifi Azmi died in 2002. Shaukat is survived by actor daughter Shabana and cinematographer son Baba Azmi.

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