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Afghan Students Set up Thrift Shop in Bengaluru to Shed 'Extra Baggage' before Returning Home

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Last Updated: December 14, 2020, 15:04 IST

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

The duo had accumulated stuff over time in Bengaluru, which included just 5kgs of jewellery.

Travelling is fun, unless you are a student or an office-goer based out of another city away from your home. The thing is that every time you want to travel, you want to pack away everything for your universe is split in two cities. But that also means you will have to cough up the money to pay for the luggage that exceeds the permitted weight of airlines.

This has become more stringent in covid times as the rules are more strict now, like one luggage per person and so on. That is what concerned the two students from Afghanistan studying in Bengaluru.

Having completed their college, the two are scheduled to fly back home to Afghanistan on December 26. But it looks like the two had accumulated too much of stuff, from clothes to accessories and books. And carrying it all, particularly in covid times, seemed not so feasible.

Hence, they set up a thrift shop at a street in Bengaluru and put it all on sale, from earrings, to scarves and shawls and books. Whatever the duo felt was not required, they put it on sale on the sidewalks of Church Street in Bengaluru, the Times of India reported.

“We initially wanted to give away most of these things to charity but we were told that they would simply be lost or not get the attention it deserved. So, we decided to sell these things and give a part of it to charity. The items are unique and are not easily available,” one of the two women was quoted as saying.

One of them had 14kgs of exra luggage, so she put put up some of her jewellery on sale as the jewellery alone weighed around 5kgs.

Emerald coloured ear-hangings, a ponchostyled winter jacket, books, bags, pouches and

even boots adorned the shop. The duo said that most of the things were hardly used and some were even fresh. Hoarded in excitement, they never used much of it given the busy schedule of college.

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    The products were priced between Rs 100 and Rs 1,000, while the most expensive item was an vintage jewellery piece which they sold for Rs 1,000.

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    first published:December 14, 2020, 15:04 IST
    last updated:December 14, 2020, 15:04 IST