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Aisi Taisi Democracy's Song Against Distorting Indian History Sums Up 2017

Photo credits: Aisi Taisi Democracy / YouTube

Photo credits: Aisi Taisi Democracy / YouTube

'Hum history se khelengey, hum history ki lelengey.'

"In this season of people offering money to behead others over depictions of history, Aisi Taisi Democracy drops the new song about the forever-in-conflict phenomenon. Share it with ten people and Lord Macaulay will appear in your dreams to deliver his fake-speech."

Aisi Taisi Democracy - a comedy-political-satire group that features National award winner Varun Grover alongside Indian Ocean's Rahul Ram, and stand-up comic Sanjay Rajoura - have yet again hit all the right notes with their latest song, titled, "The History Song".

The song emphasizes on how the history is being re-told and distorted at convenience in our country. With its catchy tune and cheeky lyrics, the song sums up the political discourse right now.

From Rajasthan government’s rewriting the outcome of the Battle of Haldighati to the on-going debate over Padmavati, to RSS and BJP, Aisi Taisi Democracy covers it all.

Performed by Rahul Ram and written by Sanjay Rajoura and Varun Grover, the song is currently being shared by many on social media.

“The ill-effects as a result of lack of education and employment also contributes to a weak democracy,” Varun Grover told Scroll.in.

"The song will provide catharsis to many people who feel the same way but are not saying it either because they don’t have a mic or the numbers or the expression."

"We just have to keep repeating the truth so that it becomes powerful, and so that more and more people are forced to listen, even if it creates just a small dent," Grover tells Scroll.in.

Here are some of the lyrics from the catchy number:

"Hum Nehru Ko

Dabakar Ke

Patel Ko

Utha Lenge

Aur Patel ne ban kiya tha RSS

Yeh bhi hum

Chupa Lengey

Facts ko dallo apni

Jeb Mein

Hum toh khelengey ji

Feeling se

Hum history se khelengey

Hum history se khelengey

Hum history ki lelengey

Hum history ki lelengey"

Watch the song here:

Earlier this year, Aisi Taisi Democracy had released a hilarious song on demonetisation that had gone insanely viral on the Internet. The song, sung to the tune of the classic song "Main chali main chali" from the film Padosan, mocked PM Modi's anti-black money drive with its catchy tune and clever wordplay.

first published:December 04, 2017, 18:18 IST