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'Alcohol Can Kill Coronavirus': Cong MLA's Bizarre Bid to Reopen Booze Shops in Rajasthan

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The Congress MLA said that closure of booze shops had severely damaged Rajasthan's economy and was leading to increased manufacture and sale of illegal country-made liquor.

Even as the novel coronavirus continues to have researchers baffled, a Congress MLA seems to have the cure for the disease - alcohol.

In a bizarre letter written by Sangod MLA Bharat Singh Kundanpur, the Congress leader has requested Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to allow the sale of liquor amid lockdown as it can kill coronavirus.

On Sunday, Kundanpur wrote to Gehlot, requesting him to reopen booze shops as closure had severely damaged the state's economy. He further added that the ban on sale of liquor had led to an increase in the manufacture and sale of local, country-made liquor.

The most bizarre argument, however, came toward the end of the letter when the MLA tried to convince the CM with a bit of "science".

When alcohol can remove Covid-19 virus with handwash, he wrote, it will surely remove the virus from a guzzler's throat.

The argument, of course, has no basis in science. Hand sanitisers liquor do not have the same properties and do not work in removing virus in the way that the MLA seems to believe.

Incidentally, Kundanpur is not the first politician from Rajasthan to have requested lifting a ban on booze shops. CPI(M)'s Bhadra MLA Balwant Singh Punia had earlier called for resuming sale of alcohol in the state.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan's Finance department has hiked excise fee on liquor by ten percent to cope with losses in revenue due to the COVID-19 lockdown, PTI reported. The state also increased the basic fee required for acquiring a Country Liquor and Rajasthan Made Liquor (RML) license.