Aliens, Earthquake or Rajinikanth? Twitter Fills with Jokes after 'Sonic Boom' Rattles Bengaluru

Twitter filled with jokes after strange 'sonic boom; heard in Bengaluru |Image credit: Twitter

Twitter filled with jokes after strange 'sonic boom; heard in Bengaluru |Image credit: Twitter

This is not the first time that the mysterious booming sound has been heard in Bengaluru..

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  • Last Updated: May 20, 2020, 9:59 PM IST
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A mysterious "boom" heard by residents across several parts of Bengaluru on Wednesday afternoon caused panic among residents of the city in Karnataka.

Many took to social media to talk about a strange sound like a boom that they heard in Bengaluru with some describing it as a bomb going off.

After much speculation, residents realised that this was not a one-off thing. The mysterious booms have been heard in Bengaluru earlier as well. A similar incident had happened in August 2018 when residents in several South Bengaluru neighbourhoods had heard a crashing boom with many reporting that their windows shook. The panic was such that State disaster management officials has to come forth and assure people that it was not an earthquake.

But while the incident remained nearly identical, the source of the boom sound is yet to be ascertained. The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC) nevertheless ascertained that even in this instance, there was no earthquake.

As per the KSNDMC director's statement, there are 18 seismic monitors to analyze tectonic activities in case of earthquakes and noe of them registered any seismic activity.

But that did not stop netizens from cooking up some of the most bizarre theories to explain the sound. The thundering sound, which is now being referred to by netizens and Bengaluru residents and a "sonic boom", has inspired many jokes and conspiracy theories including ones involving aliens invasions and worse.

Speculation was rife.

Many could not help but relate the timing of the mysterious sound with the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic.

Many, of course, made memes to deal with the anxiety of dealing with the unknown. Some even reached out to actor Hritik Roshan to ask if he had invited Jadoo back to the planet again.

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