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Is Alphonso Overrated? Mango Lovers Are at War on Twitter to Debate the Best Variety of ‘Aam’



The hashtag #MangoWars has gone viral on Twitter with many debating which variety of the king of fruit is the best in the country.

The summer season is upon us. And while Indian summers are typically marked with an abundance of sweat and dehydration, the season brings another item in abundance that is loved more than the season itself – mangoes. Dubbed the ‘King of fruits’ in India, mangoes have an almost cult fanbase in India. With its puply, juicy flesh wrapped around a delightfully hardcore, the fruit comes in many shapes, sizes, flavours and varieties across the states of India. On Twitter, however, a battle war seems to have broken out which is now being hashtagged as #MangoWars. The dispute? Netizens are deciding which variant of the mango is better.

A large variety of mangoes are grown across India. While Maharashtra is famous for Alphonso mangoes, Uttar Pradesh is known for Dusheri. West Bengal is popular for growing Himsagar mangoes while Andhra Pradesh is known for the lighter coloured Safeda mangoes. Other popular varieties of mangoes in India include Chausa, Lengra, Kesar, Totapuri, Neelam and much more.

But it seems mango lovers on Twitter cannot decide which one is the best. It all started when a Twitter user claimed that “Alphonso is the most over rated stuff” ever and that only “brand conscious babalog” have a taste for it.

The tweet started a war on Twitter regarding the best variety of mango in the state. Several people voted for Alphonso mangoes.

Dusheri and Langda also got a few votes.

And then there were votes for some local specials.

But most agreed that all mangoes are great.

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in India. The output of mango stood at 21.37 MT during the 2018-19 crop year (July-June).

Tell us what your favourite variety of mango is in comments.

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first published:April 11, 2021, 15:33 IST