Amazon Removes 'Highly Distasteful' Coronavirus Halloween Masks by Chinese Sellers in UK

Coronavirus Halloween masks.
(Credit: Twitter/ @insight_trends)

Coronavirus Halloween masks. (Credit: Twitter/ @insight_trends)

The international e-commerce site, Amazon, has termed the coronavirus masks 'highly distasteful' and has vouched to have them removed from its listings.


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Amazon has come down heavily on certain Chinese sellers, who are selling coronavirus Halloween face masks in the United Kingdom.

The international e-commerce site has termed these masks "highly distasteful" and has vouched to have them removed from its listings, reports Daily Mail.

The latex masks, which are bound to gross you out, resemble the illustrations of coronavirus, only way bigger in size to cover your entire face and head. They also have terrifying fangs and blood-shot eyes and a surface so irregular it is bound to trigger one's trypophobia.

The masks are sold even at a price of 30 pounds ( Rs 2817) and the sellers have claimed that these are quite suitable for both adults and children.

Various other sellers have given myriads of their product description including one describing it "non-toxic" and "safe" while having a "terrible coronavirus design".

The masks have been heavily criticised by authorities, and as per a report in The Sun, one official has said, "These masks show a terrible lapse of judgement by the manufacturers and sellers, and I hope they will be removed from sale quickly."

An Amazon spokesperson has said that all sellers must follow the company's selling guidelines and any violation will be subject to action leading to potential removal of their content.

Not only in UK, the mask also appears for sale in the United States.

Rising from a price range between $19 to $40 dollars, these masks are being sold under titles including 'Horror Virus Bacterial Headgear', 'Horror Virus Bacterial Mask', 'Cosplay Head Mask for Coronavirus Halloween' etc.

This comes at a time when the coornavirus tally globally has crossed the mark of 3 crores caliming over 10 lakhs lives. UK alone has reported over 4 lakh cases wheres US being the country with most coronavirus cases followed by India.

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