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Anand Mahindra Calls Viral 'Jugaad' Video of Men Manually Tipping Truck 'Unsafe'

Video grab.
(Image credit: Twitter/ @anandmahindra)

Video grab. (Image credit: Twitter/ @anandmahindra)

The Mahindra Group chairman, however, marveled at the tenacity of the workers in the viral video for their innovative use of available resources in order to get the job done.

A viral 'jugaad' video has once again caught the eyes of Twitter-savvy Indian business tycoon, Anand Mahindra on social media. But this time, the Maindra Group chairman was not pleased.

Mahindra recently took to Twitter to share a video of a Mahindra & Mahindra pick up truck that was being used as a make-shift tipper truck for unloading a bunch of logs.

According to reports, the video was shot somewhere in Kerala and shows a group of people manually lifting the front of the truck and tilting it towards the back. Since the truck was already overloaded with the dead logs, it became easier for the people to unload it.

However, the make-shift task was severely criticised by Mahindra, who termed this 'unsafe' and said this 'violates all the safety rules of loading'.

Taking to Twitter he said, "Got this random video today. Crazy. They’ve made this the cheapest possible tipper truck. Violates all safety & loading regulations. Hugely unsafe for those holding the truck up. Yet I marvel at how our people persevere & manage without resources."

The post that went viral, was quick enough to draw various sort of comments from netizens. While many hailed the 'jugaad', others pointed out the dangers of it.