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'Anemic Anaar?': Viral Picture of White Pomegranate Leaves Desi Twitter Scratching Its Head

Viral picture of White Pomegranate.

Viral picture of White Pomegranate.

A viral image of the white pomegranate has taken Twitter by storm.

Fruits have uncountable health benefits. If they are a part of a healthy diet, then the individual might have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. We have come across people preaching about the importance and health benefits of fruits. But today we bring you a slightly amusing post on fruit shared by one of the Twitter users. The post in itself is pretty funny and has gathered some hilarious reactions from people. It will most likely leave you in splits.

Sharing an image of white pomegranate seeds, the user wrote on the photo “Yeh kaisa anaar hai, isko khud khoon ki zaroorat hai (what kind of a pomegranate is this, it itself needs blood).” It appeared like the user was not well aware that white pomegranates do exist.

Netizens had extremely weird reactions to it. While some of them shared their amusing take on the fruit, others took it way to seriously and explained what exactly a white pomegranate is.


One of the users on the microblogging site shared a creepy smiling image of pomegranate and wrote, “Fir bhi hamesha smile karta hai (still it always keeps smiling) ..never sad.” Another wrote that he might be married. “Plasma wala anaar hai (The pomegranate has plasma within).”

Some people trolled the woman for not knowing that the particular fruit is used for building white blood cells and not red.

While it appeared that one of the Twitter users had quite a good knowledge about the fruit. He informed that the white pomegranates grow on shrubby trees with an average height between 5 and 8 meters. Talking about the sweet taste, the user wrote that white pomegranates have the highest sugar levels and the lowest acidity.

Have you ever tried white pomegranate?

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