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donald trump india visit

'Animal Band' Meme Has Caught Twitter's Emoji-nation and it's Epic

Image credit: Twitter

Image credit: Twitter

'Animals in a band' inspired many memes like 'animals in a cult' and 'animals in a group chat'.

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Twitter is the perfect platform for those who want to look at animals performing cute, hilarious or even absurd antics. From cute animal challenges to memes, the microblogging site full of animal content that will hook any animal lover. But the latest 'animal meme' that is going viral does not contain any real animals but animal emojis. And they're in a band.

A user of the micro-blogging platform recently shared a meme, where he grouped emojis of animals with various musical instruments.

While a snail was put next to a violin, a dinosaur had a trumpet to play. A tortoise was playing (probably a slow one) on the saxophone, while a caterpillar was passionate as the vocalist with the microphone. And of course the shrimp on top as the band's lead guitarist of the band.

The meme was posted by the user @psthursm, who captioned it, “F**k it, animal band!” The post has over seven thousand likes.

The post got almost two lakh retweets and got over seven thousand likes. Soon, Twitterati started posting their own versions of the meme as well.

Check out 'animals in a group chat'.

Animals at the breakfast table.

Animals were also seen shoplifting at Target.

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What would your version of the meme be?

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