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Apple User's Reaction After Finding Out the Shortcut for Puppy Eyes Emoji is All of Us

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Earlier this month, a viral tweet by Zach Silerberg revealed the keyboard shortcut for the puppy-eyes emoji was 'please sir.'

Emojis have become an important part of our digital conversation. When one doesn’t want to type long sentences, these pictographs come to the rescue. Just one emoji and you have said it all. While we use emoticons almost daily, some of them have become our favorites. One such is the puppy eyes emoji - a pleading face. But a tweet that tells a little known secret about this particular emoji has left a man stunned. Surprised after the revelation, he made a TikTok video to share his rage over this fact.

Earlier this month, Louis Levanti came across a viral tweet by Zach Silerberg who revealed the keyboard shortcut for the emoji is 'please sir'.


Reacting to the tweet, Louis posted a video on TikTok, testing the iPhone shortcut for the emoji. In the viral video, he shared his anger and confusion: “I did not wake up to this tweet saying that is what you type to get that emoji!!” The man went on to say that he can’t believe it and questioned as to who in Apple is responsible for this.

The video has been viewed more than five million times on the social media platform, and people’s reactions to it are hilarious.

A netizen wrote, “Someone at Apple is about to get CANCELLED.”

Another viewer of the video wrote: “Pretty sure it’s a reference to Oliver Twist (Novel), when he holds up his bowl and asks for more food, ‘please sir may I have some more’… FOOD." However, unconvinced by this theory, Louis said it is probably just a coincidence.

Earlier a video that had a woman mimicking the basic emojis was loved by many. It was tried by many TikTok users and became a viral trend.

As Loius discovered the real meaning of the puppy eyes emoji, do you think you are also using an emoji wrong? Well wrong or right, it should not lead to misunderstanding.

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first published:May 22, 2021, 13:36 IST