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Applying for New Job from Office: Twitter's Confession About Things That Feel illegal but Aren't is Too Real

What feels illegal to you but isn't ?

What feels illegal to you but isn't ?

The new twitter trend 'What feels illegal but isn’t?' is creating a buzz on social media. Well, here are some of the answers shared by people on Twitter with are relatable as well as hilarious.

This one is for the awkward, indecisive ones.

Recently a Twitter thread asking a simple question went viral on the microblogging site with many taking to the platform to add their two cents to answer the question, "What feels illegal but isn’t?"

Now, this is a question many of you shy, goody-two-shoes would be well aware of. In many cases, even doing the right thing may feel criminal. Think about the times when you had to ask an elderly person to pipe down at the movies. Or the time you finished the last scoop of ice-cream even though it was your share.

Twitter users came up with some hilarious and highly relatable list of responses.

The list includes gems like calling in sick when you're actually sick or asking someone to return your money that they borrowed.

We’ve compiled some of the best responses to the question.

What makes you feel like a perfect criminal even though we know you're a perfect, law-abiding citizen!

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