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Arunachal Officials Trek For 9 Hours to Reach Remote Village, Jab 16 Yak Herders

Representational image.

Representational image.

Despite continuous rainfall, the health care officials braved the weather to reach the Arunachal village to vaccinate the 16 grazers.

The covid-19 vaccination drive in India has been taking place in a monumental capacity with jabs being given at almost every hospital depending on availability of vaccines. However, in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang district 16 grazers missed their chance at getting the dose back in May 19 when they had to be away to graze their yaks. It was held at Domstang, about five hours’ trek away. But in a bid to vaccinate the left out men, a team of health officials trekked for 9 hours and reached 14,000 feet above mean sea level to reach the homes of these grazers on July 12. The officials climbed the mountain range from a place called Thingbu Hydel. Luguthang village is one of the farthest village that lies in Tawang district and is close to Tibet’s border. The village comprises of 65 people and 10 families and all are yak herders, The Hindu reported.

A vaccination drive was held by district officials on May 19 at Domtsang, a village between Luguthang and Thingbu Hydel where villagers from Luguthang and other nearby villages got jabbed. From Luguthang, 33 residents in the eligible categories got vaccinated on that day.

“This is the time when grazers move out with their livestock to far-flung areas. We sent special messages through trekkers for 16 such grazers, who were left out of the camp, to return home within a specific time for vaccination,” the district’s information officer Nawang Chotta was quoted as saying.

Despite continuous rainfall, the officials braved the weather to reach the village to vaccinate the 16 grazers. Deputy Commissioner Sang Phuntsok and six others, including zila parishad chairman Leki Gombu and health officials, started trekking from Thingbu Hydel at 7:15 in the morning on July 11 and reached the village around 4 in the evening. The officials had to cross two peaks- Nyukteng and Nahchhot.


After a stay overnight, the 16 grazers were vaccinated the next morning. The villagers were also provided with free medicines for ailments like diarrhoea and medicine for deworming and other ailments for the cattle.

Recently, the District Magistrate Surendra Kumar Meena trekked through difficult terrains to reach a remote village located near the Indo-Bhutan border. Meena, along with a team of health workers, travelled for 11 km on foot across hill and forests to finally arrive at a village called Adma. Video of Meena’s vaccine drive was shared on Twitter by journalist Kamalika Sengupta.

Apart from carrying out a vaccination drive for people above 45 years of age, Meena and his team also distributed masks and sanitisers among villagers by informing them about the importance of this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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first published:July 14, 2021, 12:37 IST