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Australian PM Shares Horrifying Video of Car Being Swept Away in Flood, Alerts People

Screenshot of the video shared by Scott Morrison.

Screenshot of the video shared by Scott Morrison.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned the people asking them to not venture out dangerous situations like this.

As Australia reels under disastrous flood situation, Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday shared a hair-raising video of a car being washed away by flood waters. In the minute-long video, the car is seen initially stranded in the turbulent waters but soon gets swept away and the person recording the video can be heard gasping in fear. Several other cars are seen stranded just near the place where the accident took place. Morrison shared the video and warned people not to venture out in such a situation. “This is why you should never go into flood waters. If it’s flooded, forget it. Thankfully, this driver was able to get out safely before the car was swept away,” Morrison wrote.

Meanwhile, the bodies of two men were found in Australia on Wednesday in cars trapped in floodwaters, the first deaths linked to wild weather in recent days that has submerged houses, swept away livestock and cut off entire towns. More than 40,000 people have been forced to flee their homes as torrential rain sparked dangerous flash floods, and authorities issued new evacuation orders for residents of Sydney’s western regions to move to safety.

In some other areas, a massive clean-up operation began as sunny skies returned for the first time in days, and food and other emergency supplies were flown in over swamped roads. Authorities were trying to contact the family of a Pakistani national whose body was found by emergency services in a car under six metres of water in Sydney’s northwest.

Police had determined the man was driving a brand new car, on the first day of a new job and unfamiliar with the rural area, New South Wales Police Detective Inspector Chris Laird told media. The reason he could not get out of the vehicle was being investigated.

“It could very well be that the electrics totally failed and he was simply unable to escape from the car which is an absolute tragedy,” Laird said.

Media reported police found a second body in an upturned utility vehicle in floodwaters in Queensland state. Gladys Berejiklian, premier of New South Wales, the worst-hit state, warned that water levels would keep rising in some areas as major dams overflowed and rivers bulged, with thousands of people were on evacuation watch.

“Catchments will continue to experience flows of water not seen in 50 years and in some places 100 years,” Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney.

The Insurance Council of Australia, the main industry body, said about 17,000 damages claims worth about A$254.2 million ($193.32 million) had been lodged by Wednesday morning across New South Wales and Queensland.

Homes have been submerged, livestock swept away and crops inundated. There have also been many animal rescues, with craft used to move dogs, cattle, and even an emu, away from the flood waters. In the country’s arid centre, water cascaded down the Uluru rock formation, a rare phenomenon described by the national park as “unique and extraordinary”.

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