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Avocados to Tide Bar Boxes, Netizens Flaunt Their Quirky AirPod Cases in Viral Tweet

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Last Updated: January 08, 2021, 17:29 IST

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Avocados to Dunkin Donuts, gaming devices to aliens, take your pick from a wide range of choices.

It is incredible how even the smallest of things can become a topic of hot discussion on social media, especially if it involves flaunting something that you hold close to your heart. All of a sudden, netizens are exchanging photos of their unique and quirky AirPods cases that are inspired by everything, from cartoon characters to food items.

It all started with Twitter user Sabina Meschke (@sabinameschke) sharing a photo of her AirPods case that looks like a petroleum jelly container, and asked her followers not to be alarmed. Her tweet has gone viral with 426.4K likes, 45k retweets and 7k quote retweets.

The post led to a barrage of replies on the thread, with thousands of Apple loyalists posting photos of their own personal collection of quirky, head-turning AirPod cases.

Sharing a photo of a case resembling a Johnson’s Baby Lotion container, @itsmariannnna tweeted that she was obsessed with cases that look like “miniature toiletries”.

From Avocados to Dunkin Donuts, gaming devices to aliens, Tide bars to Poke-balls, a wide range of quirky and cool cases have since made it to the Twitter thread as several netizens decided to flaunt what they own. Some of them said their covers were an effective way to keep their luxury gadget hidden from curious onlookers or just as a safety net against theft, while a few others remarked that the cases defined who they are.

Along with photos of their peculiar Airpods cases, many shared the reasons behind investing in those. Some others shared links to the online stores where they were available even as many Tweeple showed their interest in buying them.

Among the most intriguing cases posted by a user, considering the times we are living in, was that of an N95 mask. In a classic example of luxury meeting COVID-19 awareness, the user @sammymenendez24 tweeted: “If myAirPods can wear a mask, so can you (sic).”

There was also a Twitter user @LILASAPMEEMZ who offered her professional services as a freelance designer to help fashion such cool and interesting AirPod cover designs.

After all the gloom that we’ve had to endure in 2020, these cases, surely, must have brought a smile on your face. We are also sure that many of you might have started clicking on the links on the thread or even placed orders on an online store to snag a creative cover for your expensive AirPods.

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first published:January 08, 2021, 17:29 IST
last updated:January 08, 2021, 17:29 IST