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Baby Drivers: Two Little Girls Steal Parents' Car to Go to California, 'Summer Adventure' Ends in Crash

Baby drivers | Image credit: Twitter

Baby drivers | Image credit: Twitter

The sisters aged nine and four sneaked out of their home, stole their parents care and were headed to California for a swim in the beach when. they happened to crash into a truck.

A shocking incident was reported from Utah on June 2, Wednesday, after two little girls stole their parents’ car to drive to California before colliding with a semi-truck ten miles away. The siblings, aged 9 and 4, woke up at 3 am while their parents were sleeping, stole the keys to their Chevy Malibu and snuck out of their home in West Jordan through the basement to go on this trip. The elder sister, with her younger one riding in the passenger seat, managed to drive for 10 miles from West Jordan to West Valley City, including Utah’s Route 201 expressway, before they sideswiped a car and then crashed into a semi-truck.

The sisters were headed to California for a “summer adventure” because they wanted to swim in the ocean and see the dolphins, Scott List, Detective with West Jordan Police, told ABC4.

Police authorities also detailed the incident in a Twitter thread on June 3 that stated that officers responding to the crash were surprised to find a little girl behind the wheel. The girls had driven about 10 miles from West Jordan, Utah through a highway and a freeway before exiting off, hopping a median and slamming head-on into a semi-truck.


Thankfully, the girls were not injured in the mishap as they wore seatbelts, however, the police said that the car was badly damaged and the semi-truck had to be towed.

The parents, unaware of the disaster, were called by the detective to inform them about their girl’s joyride. The parents were shocked and horrified to find their kids were gone, he added. ABC4 reports that parents had earlier talked about a possible California trip, which the authorities suspect might have prompted the kids to drive there on their own.

The driver of the semi-truck had called the police after spotting a car driving erratically, thinking that whoever was driving the car was drunk or impaired. But as he trailed the car, it ended up crashing his truck.

A witness to the crash, Danielle LeBlanc, a school bus driver, told the media outlet that after the crash, she tried to look for parents but only saw the two little girls in the front seat.

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first published:June 07, 2021, 18:53 IST