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Lost Leopard Cub Reunited with its Mother in Maharashtra, Video Wins Twitter

Video grab.
(Image credit: Twitter)

Video grab. (Image credit: Twitter)

The cub was eventually reunited with its mother with the help of The Maharashtra Forest Officials.

With increasing urbanisation and deforestation, wild animals are often forced to venture out of their natural habitat into populated regions. In a similar recent incident, a leopard cub was found hiding under the discarded banana stems in a village in Maharashtra.

The cub was eventually reunited with its mother with the help of Maharashtra Forest Officials.

On April 18, villagers from Bhosi found a tiny leopard cub hiding as crash cops like banana and sugarcane often provide as s shelter, according to the officials.

The officials, on being alerted, cordoned off the area and a veterinary doctor even had the cub medically examined. It was then carefully placed inside a basket and left in the field for the leopard to spot.

Footage shows the leopardess coming to the site at night and after close examination, it topples the basket and then walks away with her little one in the mouth.

Taking to Twitter, the Maharashtra Forest Department shared a video, which recorded the entire process of how the cub was reunited with its mother.

The video titled, 'Back to Mom..a Reunion' immediately went viral and netizens hailed the officials' efforts for such an act.

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