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Barack Obama Slays TV Host Stephen Colbert in a Game of Wastepaper Basketball

Barack Obama with Stephen Colbert | Image credit: YouTube

Barack Obama with Stephen Colbert | Image credit: YouTube

Former US President Barack Obama recently appeared on the 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'.

Just a few weeks ago Barack Obama showed off his basketball skills. The former US president nailed a 3-pointer at a gym in Michigan while he was campaigning for Joe Biden. But is Obama that good with wastepaper basketball? His opponent was TV host Stephen Colbert.

Yes, this happened when Obama appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about his new book ‘A Promised Land’ and the recently concluded US presidential elections. He was caught off guard when the host challenged him to a wastepaper basketball contest.

The rules were simple. The person who puts the maximum number of crumpled pieces of paper out of ten into the trash bin would win the contest. Granted it could not be Obama’s specialty but we do know he is good at basketball. This was also basketball, only with a bit of twist. And of course, there was a wager involved.

“If I win, you have to mention me in your next book,” said Colbert. Obama agreed before cracking a joke “Nobody's gonna read the book anyway.” If Colbert lost, he agreed to make a donation to Obama’s library.

Obama enquired if Colbert had been practicing for the game, which Colbert naturally denied. Colbert asked if the former President needed some practice shots before the game, which Obama said no to.

Both opened their boxes containing 10 paper balls.. Obama complained about his opponent's paper balls being crumpled compared to his, pointing at some undue advantage. “(That is) because I came in and pre-squeezed them,” replied Colbert before offering to exchange.

Finally, the game commenced. Both missed the first shot. Colbert then went into a patch and Obama kept on missing the masket. The scoreline at the end read 8-0 in favour of Colbert, who later called the interview his favorite of all time. “I have lost my swag on Stephen Colbert (show),” Obama conceded.