Ben Stokes Won't Reveal His Favourite Hindi Word But Jofra Archer, Indians Already Know it

Rajasthan Royals / YouTube.

Rajasthan Royals / YouTube.

Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer of Rajasthan Royals recently sat down for a hilarious rapid-fire session


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Jofra Archer would have been a professional footballer if it weren't for cricket. Ben Stokes' favourite opponent in the IPL is Mumbai Indians.

England's World Cup heroes and current Rajasthan Royals' top over-seas assets: pacer Jofra Archer recently sat down with all-rounder Ben Stokes for a fun rapid-fire round session.

The talented duo was armed with some burning questions and showed a side of themselves their fans had probably never gotten a glimpse of.

From bowling idol to revealing the biggest influence in their life to their first task after waking up in the morning, the rapid-fire interview was everything IPL fans could've asked for, giving them the perfect breather from ongoing cricket contest on the field in UAE.

However, there was one question that stood out from the rest for obvious reasons.

Stokes asked Archer: "What is your favourite Hindi word?" before adding, "not sure you can say that." Archer agreed and responded by saying: "Yeah, No I cannot, I cannot." Archer then revealed his go-to Hindi word: "Jaldi".

Archer quickly reminded Stokes of his favourite word: "You can say Ben Stokes as well," to which Stokes said: "My name has been turned into a Hindi word."

Their hilarious interaction soon went viral on YouTube.

Stokes, last year, had famously said that he was "tired" of being mentioned in tweets (especially from Indians) all the time which suggested that Indian skipper Virat Kohli actually pronounced the English all-rounder’s name every time he broke into a celebration at the pitch - a curse that happens to rhyme with Stokes' name. Now if you know Virat Kohli, the Delhi boy in him spitting North Indian gaalis / minute can put even Eminem to shame - every time he's on the field.

Tweeting out the quandary he faces, Stokes, in 2019, tweeted: "I may delete Twitter just so I don’t have to see another tweet reading “He’s saying Ben Stokes”(when he’s clearly not)in reply to a video of Virat saying you know what ‍♂️‍♂️it was funny the first 100,000 times."

If you know, you know.

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