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Bengaluru Man Flings Across Road On a Woman in Freak Accident, Video Goes Viral

Freak accident caught on video in the city. Credits: IANS.

Freak accident caught on video in the city. Credits: IANS.

A Woman had to take 52 stitches on her head in a freaky accident after 'flying' auto driver landed on her in Bengaluru.

  • IANS
  • Last Updated: August 1, 2020, 5:13 PM IST
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A freak accident caught on video in the city shows a wire fling a man onto an unsuspecting woman in the opposite direction as she walks down a pavement path unaware, an official said on Saturday.

"We have seen the viral video and it happened at TC Palya in Battarahalli, within K.R. Puram police station limits but could not find out who the man and woman were yet," told a police official to IANS.

Likewise, the official is also clueless as to when the incident occurred.

Already viral for a few days on social media, the video shows how a man who appeared to be an autorickshaw driver was standing beside a three-wheeler was flung a few meters by a thin wire.

With a little portion of the wire perched on the ground between his legs and a major portion also hanging before and after him, the wire was forcibly pulled by something leading to the man being propelled up into the air and falling right on a woman walking behind.

He was pulled up into the air from between his legs and there was no escape for him. Though it is not clear in the video if a vehicle or anything else pulled the wire but the pull had sufficient power to fling the man of some 60 - 70 kg weight far enough.

The unsuspecting woman wearing a pink dress had no idea what happened but took a heavy hit from the flying man and fell flat on the tiled floor.

The entire incident unfolded at a place that appeared to be the front portion of a series of shops leading to their entrance.

Following the incident which occurred beside a service road, a tractor and other vehicles paused to figure out what exactly happened as the video ends.

"We did not receive any police complaint and I am also not sure when it actually happened," he said.

The official said they will try to go to the source of the video or the owner of the CCTV from where the footage emerged.

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