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Bengaluru Man’s Silent Friendship with Chaiwala over Years Near His Home Will Warm Your Heart

Representative Image.

Representative Image.

The Bengaluru guy took to Twitter to chronicle the memories he had with a tea stall near his house after the owner decided to shut the shop.

A man in Bengaluru recently took to Twitter to share his avalanche of memories at a tea stall, near his home after he learnt that the owner is shutting the shop permanently and going back to his village in Kerala.

Dharmesh Ba took to the social media site to share his memories with the owner from all these years. He started by describing his first meeting with him which was back in 2015. He revealed that when he was new in the city he lived in a studio apartment, in an area near Koramangala and this shop which was run by a Malayalee from Kerala, was his regular go-to place. Describing his equation with the seller he wrote, that they never actually spoke but made sure that they exchanged smiles and greeted each other good morning. Since he used to visit the shop regularly he informed the tea seller when he moved out from his then home in 2017. However, he promised him that he will visit his shop whenever he is in that particular area.

In the subsequent tweet, Dharmesh described how he has been keeping his promise over the years, by making sure that he visits the tea shop whenever he is in Koramangala. He also mentions that since the visits were now not regular, the two of them would also enquire about each other’s life, health and other things.

It is during his latest visit, which was on March 5, that he came to know about the heart-breaking news. The shop owner told him that it was his last day and that he is now permanently going to move to his village and then from there he eventually wants to move to Dubai for a better job opportunity. Dharmesh mentioned that he was devastated on knowing this but the tea seller was glad that he managed to serve him that last tea from his shop.

On coming to terms with the news, he shook hands with the tea shop owner and expressed his gratitude towards him for his company. Since Dharmesh wanted to stay in touch with the tea seller he exchanged numbers with him. Interestingly, when the shop owner had to save Dharmesh’s contact number, he, in a first, asked his name.

In conclusion, Dharmesh writes that he does not know what name he should give this bond but is surely going to miss this tea seller and hopes only the best for him in future. He adds further, that for him this city is all about such equations he has made with people over time.

first published:March 08, 2021, 18:29 IST