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Bengaluru Woman Who Accused Zomato Delivery Man of Assault Says She Did Not Leave Town

Hitesha (L) and Kamraj (Twitter)

Hitesha (L) and Kamraj (Twitter)

Hitesha Chandranee, who accused K Kamraj of assault, has confirmed that she did not leave Bengaluru despite reports that claimed so.

Hitesha Chandranee, an Instagram content creator who had accused Zomato delivery executive K Kamraj of assaulting her, has confirmed that she did not leave Bengaluru despite reports that claimed so. Earlier reports suggested that Hitesha had left the city after her address was leaked online following the barrage of opinions and hate about the whole incident. The news came a day after the Zomato delivery person filed an FIR against Hiteshaa alleging abuse and assault. However, Hitesha has now taken to Instagram to inform the public that Bengaluru is her home and that she has not fled town following the controversy.

A make-up artist by profession, Hitesha Chandranee accused a Zomato delivery person of assaulting her and punching her after she tried to ask him why her order was delayed. The incident happened six days ago and the woman’s viral videos with a bloody nose went viral. Hitesha filed an FIR against the Zomato delivery person for assault and her videos caused massive outrage.

Kamraj, however, denied the woman’s story and said she was the one who assaulted him with slippers due to the delay in delivering the food. While Kamraj was holding his hands up in defence, he claimed the woman hurt herself with her ring. This week, Kamraj filed a counter FIR against Hitesha for assaulting and abusing him.

Following the FIR, The News Minute reported that Hitesha’s address was leaked online. Due to safety concerns, the woman has reportedly left Bengaluru. According to the police, Hitesha fled because she was scared. Since K Kamraj’s accusations against Hitesha, many have criticised her for using her privilege to frame the delivery person.


She has now revealed on Instagram that she has been receiving threats ever since the incident went viral. She said that her family has been threatened too. “I have had to take medical treatment for my nose which was fractured due to the incident. I have received many calls from various people using repulsive and threatening words against me,” she wrote.

“I have been cooperating with the police and have not left Bengaluru as spread by various quarters. Bengaluru is home for me,” she further added. In her post, Hithesha also wrote that she was waiting for a neutral probe by investigative agencies to reveal the truth about what actually happened and requested people to not voice their opinions and judgement before the trial is completed.

“From the time the incident occurred and while undergoing trauma on what happened to me as what happens to many girls and women who live alone in this city, I have been hounded on social media by tweets, posts and statements by ‘celebrities’ because of which I have decided to make this statement,” she wrote in her post.

She also clarified why she had asked for free food. “Online narratives say that I asked for free food, but it was Zomato which had an offer that they would not charge me, if the food was delivered late,” she claimed.