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Biden Beauty: Mysterious Make-up Brand Selling Blue Blenders Pops Up Online, Netizens Dumbfounded

Blend it like Biden | Image credit: Instagram

Blend it like Biden | Image credit: Instagram

Biden Beauty's Instagram page's bio reads, 'America’s softest face is also its toughest. The year’s most important influencer brand. Blend it like Biden,'

Would you like to buy a blue Biden Beauty blender?

With the race for the United States Presidency nearing its finish line, the election season is promising to get a little bizarre. With coronavirus dampening on-ground activation, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden campaigns have relied heavily on social media and the internet to woo young voters. And now, a mysterious beauty brand has popped up on the internet which is seemingly selling Biden as the face of make-up blenders.

"Blend it like Biden", the brand, eponymously named 'Biden Beauty', asks customers and voters alike. Floated by anonymous entrepreneurs days ahead of the US Presidential Elections 2020, the brand sports an ample amount of Biden in ridiculously blue shirts and backgrounds, women wearing blue eye-shadow, and men posing with blue beauty blenders. Yes, that's a lot of blue and for some reason, a lot of blenders.

What was more shocking, however, was the price of the blue blenders, priced at just a little above $20 apiece. (That's nearly Rs 1,500 for a makeup sponge).

The website almost instantly came under the scanner for being a creation of the Biden campaign. But Biden supporters remained sure that the initiative was started by his supporters and not Biden himself to garner votes among millennial influencers on social media.

A report on, however, claims that the brand was started by "anonymous industry players" who would be "revealed at a later time".

Apart from the blenders, Biden Beauty also sells hoodies, tote bags, badges, and other merchandise inspired by the Democratic nominee. On its website, the brand declares that it will donate all proceeds from the sale of its products to the Biden Victory Fund, which is funding his campaign.

The website also urges Americans to "Buy the BIDEN Beat makeup sponge. Create a GET OUT THE VOTE LEWK. Spread the word on Insta, Twitter, and Tik Tok". All the products available on the website will only be sold till the end of the elections, meaning, no products will be available after November 3.