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Bilal Goregen Who Gave us 2020's Best Meme is Back With a Rendition of 'Kaliyon Ka Chaman'

Bilal Goregen Kaliyon Ka Chaman / YouTube.

Bilal Goregen Kaliyon Ka Chaman / YouTube.

Turkish street musician Bilal Göregen recently went insanely viral on social media for his cover of popular Finnish song 'Ievan polkka'.

Little did Turkish street musician Bilal Göregen know that he’d become one of the biggest memes of 2020 by playing darbuka on a park bench.

For those who are unfamiliar with the artist or the meme that came after, visually impaired Bilal performed a cover of “Ievan polkka" — a popular Finnish song from the 1930s. The video of his performance was uploaded by a user on YouTube in 2019 following which the Internet did the rest.

Bilal’s video, however, garnered more momentum in October after a Twitter user edited an animated “vibing cat" or “CatJAM" bobbing its head to the beats of his rendition, KnowYourMeme noted.

Since then Bilal Göregen’s YouTube account has blown up, dishing out one meme after another. And now, the artist has something special for the Indian audiences.

On November 24, the street musician performed a cover of “Kaliyon Ka Chaman" by Harry Anand, a remix of the super hit song from 1981 movie Jyoti starring Aruna Irani.

The desi janta who came across his rendition on YouTube, was pleasantly surprised.

“What an absolute legend," one user wrote.

“His lyrics weren’t wrong, he’s speaking the language of god’s."

“So, how many languages do you know?

Bilal Göregen: Yes"

“He doesn’t know all the languages, All the languages know him."

“You are amazing brother!!! Love and respect from India."

The video also made its way to Indian Reddit, where users were equally thrilled.

Hindi song cover by the viral cat vibing meme creator Bilal Göregen from r/india

&url=https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/bilal-goregen-who-gave-us-2020s-best-meme-is-back-with-a-rendition-of-kaliyon-ka-chaman-3125690.html" target="_blank">

The Hindi cover has raked in over 1.3 million views since the time of its upload and garnered 240K likes.

This, however, isn’t the only viral video apart from the OG on Bilal Göregen’s YouTube channel. Earlier this month, the vibing cat was replaced by US President Donald Trump dancing to the beats of “Ievan polkka".

And if you have nothing on your to-do list this weekend, Bilal has a 10-hour version of cat vibing to his beats just for you.

Yep, the Internet remains undefeated.

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