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Bill Nye Performs a Science Experiment to Show Why You Absolutely Should Be Wearing a Mask

Screengrab of video.

Screengrab of video.

As Bill Nye, the Science guy, would put it, here's proof that science works.

Some people will tell you, that there are 'no wrong answers.' But the if your answer to the question, 'Do I have to wear a mask while going outside?' is anything but, 'Yes,' then we're sorry to break it to you, but you have the wrong answer.

We're six months into the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe, and face-masks, hand-sanitizers and washing your hands with soap and water have become common sights. We've slowly accepted that, 'This is the new normal.'

Except for some people. Despite masks being recommended by the World Health Organization, and being made mandatory in India, many people still don't wear masks while going outdoors - "I'm not infected, I don't need it," you may reason.

Bill Nye, the science guy, from our childhoods TV shows, does have a solution to convince you otherwise, and yes, it's a science experiment.

Posted on TikTok, Nye shows how mask effectively stops airflow - by first blowing at a candle through a scarf. The candle goes out.

He then repeats the experiment with a plain, home-made mask. The candle doesn't go out.

He repeats the process, replacing the home-made mask with an N95 mask. The candle doesn't even falter.

Further explaining why you absolutely need a mask, he says that people like him (old, high risk) are more at the literal risk of death if he catches the infection, than young people.

Here's the video of his TikTok compilations explaining this.

The new novel Covid-19 pandemic has affected over 12.3 million people worldwide so far, so whether you feel wearing a mask is up for debate or not, just trust the science and wear one.