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BINOD: 'Slayy Point' Just Raised Rs 50 Lakh for Oxygen Supply With 'Mythpat' on Charity Stream

Mythpat / YouTube.

Mythpat / YouTube.

In a livestream that lasted for over 7 hours on gamer Mythpat's YouTube channel on April 25, 'Slayy Point' along with Indian influencers such as Tanmay Bhat, Ashish Chanchlani, Kusha Kapila, Mr Random among others raised over Rs 50 lakh for Covid-19 relief.

As the coronavirus crisis continues to wreak havoc in India, good samaritans from every quarter of the society are doing their bit to help those in need. Be it delivering oxygen, distributing home-cooked meals, or opening their hearts out to charities working on the ground to assist the patients and families affected by the disastrous wave of Covid-19, the folks are doing it all. Joining them in the good cause now are two popular Indian YouTube content creators: Slayy Point and Mythpat.

In a livestream that lasted for over 7 hours on Mythpat‘s YouTube channel on April 25, the young influencers partnered with OpraahFx and its gaming brand “OP Gaming” and brought several established YouTubers from India together to raise funds in a bid to pump the oxygen supply in the country.

Tanmay Bhat, Ashish Chanchlani, Kusha Kapila, Technical Guruji, BeYouNick, Carry Minati, Dolly Singh were among the many influencers from India who showed up on the charity stream hosted by Slayy Point on Mythpat‘s YouTube channel. There, the stars of the Indian Internet engaged in playing online games including Among Us, Minecraft and urged their massive fan following to donate to the noble cause.

“We are happy to announce that we raised more than 50 lakh rupees on our charity stream with Mythpat yesterday! Thanks to everyone who donated,” Slayy Point run by Abhyudaya and Gautami later informed on YouTube.

The livestream eventually clocked in over 1 crore views while the funds raised will be handed over to ‘Hemkunt Foundation’ responsible for supplying oxygen in India, animationxpress noted.

Back in August, Abhyudaya and Gautami of Slayy Point propelled to new popularity heights when one of their videos titled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD),” broke the Internet. Yes, the same video that gave us the evergreen “BINOD” meme.

As for Mythpat, the YouTuber with his popular gaming videos has raked in 7m+ subscribers on his channel.

Recently, a differently-abled beedi roller from Kerala’s Kannur district donated Rs 2 lakh to the chief minister’s disaster relief fund (CMDRF). This left him with only Rs 850 in his account, but Janardhanan said that he had no regrets.

“When I heard in the news on TV that the vaccine would be sold to the state at Rs 400/dose in turn becoming a major burden for the state government, I knew that I couldn’t stand and watch. That night, I couldn’t sleep. The next day, I went to the bank. I felt relieved only after donating the money,” Janardhanan was quoted as saying by Indian Express.

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