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‘Bizarre’ Deep Sea Creatures Discovered in Indian Ocean Baffle Scientists

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Last Updated: November 24, 2022, 12:42 IST


Bizarre Deep-Sea Creatures Discovered in Indian Ocean (Photo Credits: Museums Victoria)

Bizarre Deep-Sea Creatures Discovered in Indian Ocean (Photo Credits: Museums Victoria)

Are you someone who likes to explore about the diverse sea life and their uniqueness? Recent research led scientists to discover about the bizarre sea creatures that will stump to the core!

Oceans are ceaseless and so are the lives thriving amidst the never-ending boundaries. Recently, a report released by the scientists of Museums Victoria Research Institute revealed the bizarre sea creatures found near the ancient submerged volcanoes in the Indian Ocean. Having mapped the seafloor in Australia’s Cocos Islands Marine Park in detail, they have discovered huge flat-topped sea mountains that were flanked by volcanic cones, canyons, and ridges over time. What baffled the scientists was the weird collection of deep sea creatures that were found post the research study.

The team collected samples from over three miles deep that revealed the fascinating sea life including the previously surveyed blind eel. “We have discovered an amazing number of potentially new species living in this remote marine park," remarked Dr. Tim O’Hara, the Chief Scientist of the expedition conducted by Museum Victoria.

Deep sea batfishes were discovered over the seafloor as they amble over them on their arm-like fins. The tiny “fishing lure" on their snout helps them to attract prey.

Deep-Sea Batfish (Photo Credits: Museum Victoria)

The unknown blind eel was also collected from a depth of about five kilometers. It was covered in loose, transparent, and gelatinous skin with poorly developed eyes. “These fish have really reduced eyes. In fact, if you see the picture you’ll find they’re like golden depressions in the skin. They’ve got really loose, flabby, gelatinous skin and they’re incredibly rare," said MV senior collections manager Dianne Bray.

Blind Eel (Photo Credits: Museum Victoria)

According to CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, Highfin Lizardfish are those deep-sea predators with mouths full of long sharp teeth. They have ovaries and testes at the same time. Meanwhile, the Slender Snipe Eel with a long thread-like tail was found as deep as four kilometres below the sea surface. Interesting to know that it weighs just fifty grams. With curved jaws, these creatures have tiny hooked teeth that catch their prey.

Highfin Lizard (Photo Credits: Museum Victoria)

The Sloane’s Viperfish, sea urchins, and Pelican Eel were among the other sea animals discovered by scientists lately. “The research outcomes from this voyage will be invaluable to our understanding of Australia’s deep-sea environments and the impact humans are having on them," stated Lynley Crosswell, the MV CEO. Isn’t this discovery a sign of how diverse creatures make this planet an interesting place to live?

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first published:November 24, 2022, 12:25 IST
last updated:November 24, 2022, 12:42 IST