Lucky or Unlucky? Black Cat Stopped Play for 4 Minutes During Everton vs Wolves Game

Lucky or Unlucky? Black Cat Stopped Play for 4 Minutes During Everton vs Wolves Game

The match was resumed after the feline ran around evading capture by players and stewrads on field and ended with the Wolves' 3-1 win.

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  • Last Updated: February 3, 2019, 4:30 PM IST
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A black cat managed to find its way on to the turf during the Everton - Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League game on Saturday, holding up play for several minutes.

The black feline eluded players and stewards as it ran the full length and width of the pitch before it was eventually chaperoned out, delaying Everton's specatcular loss at the hands of the Wolves.

The interruption by the startled animal did little to dent Wolverhampton's sound display but Espirito Santo, the winning was not purring with delight at the sight of it.

According to a report in the BBC, he reportedly told reporters that cats were considered unlcuky in his home country of Portugal and that he did not like cats.

Though not considered unlucly in Britain, black cats symbolise bad luck, evil and the uspernatural in several cultures including in India. Many superstitious people in India refuse to cross a road that has been crossed by a black cat before them, fearing bad luck.

So was the cat lucky or unlucky?

While social media did not have an answer to that, it sure did have a hoot over images and videos of the cat royally traversing the length of the football pitch in Liverpool's Goodison Park. Many on Twitter shared images of the badass feline.

Some even wondered if the cat was looking the sqirrel who crashed the Leyton Orient match in January this year.

Turns out for the Wolves, the cat indeed was lucky!

The incident occurred after the Belgium defender Dendoncker scored the winning goal for the Wolves in the 66th minute.

The play was resumed after the feline spent about four minutes on field. It ended with the referee adding 7 minutes of extra -time to the play, which nevertheless failed to help Everton back to a victory.

Howver, things could have been much worse. Last year, Turkish club Beskitas was fined by english refrree Michael Oliver during a match with Bayern FC after the ginger cat strolled into the field and stalled play.

(With inputs from Reuters)

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