'Blasphemy': Internet Just Served a Plate of Nutella Biryani But Desis Didn't Order it

Imge credits: Muslim Memes / Facebook

Imge credits: Muslim Memes / Facebook

'I do not approve of this. Be gone, you. Don’t ruin biryani,' wrote a biryani lover on Facebook.

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A new dish that involves a bizarre combination of biryani and Nutella is taking the internet by storm. Yes, you read that right. Such a dish actually exists. A Facebook page has shared an image of this food fusion and wrote, "How excited are you for the new Nutella Biryani?" in the caption.

The photo shows a plate of biryani topped with dollops of Nutella spread. Now, the combination and the image has left the food lovers exceedingly disturbed. Both the food items are favourites to many; however, they are relished in a much better way when served separately.

Netizens are unable to comprehend why the two amazing items would be mixed and put together. The weird food amalgamation has left the world of internet in a state of setback.

People have bombed the comments with their anger-filled reactions and thoughts; some have posted memes and gifs. The social media users are calling the dish out, saying it is not only unusual but also unnecessary.

Some users called it a "blasphemy," others say, "Please don’t disrespect biryani and Nutella like this." Several who couldn't believe their eyes, called it, "A disgrace to food".

"Every time I try to refresh my feed this is the first tweet I see, it’s cursed," a Facebook user commented on the post.

"I do not approve of this. Be gone, you. Don’t ruin biryani," expressed another.

"Fusion food dishes get worse every time," wrote a third. “The inventor of this should be imprisoned,” commented another user.

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