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Boycott FabIndia Trends On Twitter After Brand Names Diwali Collection 'Jashn-e-Riwaaz'

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Last Updated: October 19, 2021, 11:49 IST

Fabindia has named its Diwali collection 'Jashn-e-Riwaaz'.

Fabindia has named its Diwali collection 'Jashn-e-Riwaaz'.

A section of users on the micro-blogging site said that the name 'Jashn-e-Riwaaz' was not appropriate for a Hindu festival.

After Tanishq and Manyavar, the latest brand facing the Internet’s wrath is Fabindia, a brand known for its ethnicwear collections. #BoycottFabIndia has been trending on Twitter after the brand rolled out its Diwali collection named ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’. Netizens took objection to the name and said that it hurts the sentiments of Hindus. One user wrote: “Canceling All Purchasing from @FabindiaNews this year. Who names Diwali collection as Jashn-e-Riwaaz ?? NOT interested in buying. #Fabindia you can enjoy your “Jashn" with the people you are catering too. NOT US FOR SURE #BoycottFabIndia."

Another user said: “Our festival is Diwali but according to @FabindiaNews Diwali is called Jashn-e-Riwaaz. So #BoycottFabIndia Now. As if they have 3rd class collection."


There were other tweets reflecting the same sentiment.

“Festival of love & light? Jash-E-Riwaaz? It’s called Diwali. It is & always will be a Hindu festival, not a secular one. A company that does not respect Hindu identity, should not expect business from Hindus. #BoycottFabIndia."

“Can’t get my head around with so much hatred for a Hindu festival. Why everyone other brand/celebrity giving gyan on Hindu festival. Whether it’s #viratkholi or #FabIndia all are in spread negativity. #BoycottFabIndia #SunoKohli."

“The Indian brands and advertising agencies have never been reluctant in using Hindu festivals for their vague social preaching and awareness campaigns. Just before Fabindia’s ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’ fluff, Ceat tyres featuring brand ambassador Amir Khan released an ad #BoycottFabIndia."

However, one user bucked the trend and asked why giving a clothing line an Urdu name was wrong.

“Boycott Fabindia is trending because they’ve poetically named their Diwali collection - Jashn-e-Riwaaz. This is beyond ridiculous. How does naming a collection in Urdu lessen your Diwali for you?" wrote a user.

Some chose to inject humour into the situation. “Has a glass of Soda. Inspired by FabIndia, I named it Jal-e-Bulbula," said a user.

Fabindia is the latest addition to a list of brands that have ruffled feathers with their advertisements. Not many days back, an ad by apparel brand Manyavar was called out for maligning Hindu customs. In the advertisement, Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt is shown at a Hindu wedding ‘mandap’ awaiting the rituals before the marriage is considered finalised. The ad particularly focuses on how often girls in India are considered a burden and sometimes seen as just a liability to only marry off.

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first published:October 19, 2021, 10:30 IST
last updated:October 19, 2021, 11:49 IST