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Bride Faces Flak for Serving Single Piece of Chicken to Guests at Pricey Wedding

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Last Updated: May 31, 2021, 19:16 IST

Too less chicken? | Image credit: Reuters

Too less chicken? | Image credit: Reuters

According to reports, the bride made the groom's family pay for much of the wedding but ended up serving only one piece of chicken as dinner to the wedding guests.

Weddings can be an expensive affair as feeding hundreds of guests isn’t an easy task. Catering to people’s satisfaction by putting up a good spread along with a free bar comes with a huge bill. And despite the efforts, most guests find something to complain about anyway. Now, a story was shared on Reddit about how a bride and her family are exploiting the groom’s family by not spending a dime on the wedding.

Shared on May 29, user Artsy girl first cleared that she heard all the gory details from the groom’s mother and wasn’t personally involved with this “wedding nightmare.”

Explaining the incident, she wrote that the bride chose her sister-in-law as the maid of honor, and expected her to pay for the three-day ‘boozy bachelorette party’. But the sister-in-law couldn’t afford that so the groom’s mother had to pay for it.

Despite paying, the groom’s mother claimed she wasn’t invited to the bash while the bride’s mother was.

The groom’s mother has also paid for church venue, and other assorted items which amounted to more than $10,000. The mother-in-law alleged that she hasn’t even received a ‘Thank You’ from the bride’s family.

Noting how the situation gets worse, she describes that almost 200 people have RSVPed to the wedding. The bride who was in the bachelorette party then called up the groom’s mother to pick up food for the wedding day.

This is when things took another interesting turn. When the groom’s mother asked what the menu was, she got to know that only 200 chicken tenders were ordered for 200 people, along with an open bar and wedding cake.

The groom’s mother panicked and got hold of a caterer to serve “anything that resembles a meal in time”.


The “cheap affair” was called out by netizens who expressed their outrage in the commentS section. Many asked if the groom was aware of what his mother has been through.

There were some who say a different angle to the whole story. Another user writes that the groom’s mother has been shrewdly manipulated into paying for the meals and the whole wedding.

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first published:May 31, 2021, 19:16 IST
last updated:May 31, 2021, 19:16 IST