Builder's 'Pay Packet' for a 6-Year-Old Boy who Helped Him Build a Patio Goes Viral

(Image credit: Twitter/ @steph_heathcote)

(Image credit: Twitter/ @steph_heathcote)

In the note, the builder has written the list of tasks that the little man helped him with.

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In an incident that will fill your heart with awe and admiration shows how a builder left a note for a six years old boy, in a kind gesture.

Sharing the image of the note on Twitter, the mother of the little boy said, "We have just had our patio done and my 6 year old has loved going out and helping the builder, so it made his day to receive this. What an example of kindness."

In the note, the builder has written the list of tasks that the little man helped him with. The note read, "Harry. For passing bricks. Passing little pavers. Pointing brickwork. Mixing cement. Loading stone. Taking pictures of blackbirds and spiders. Saying why more times than I have ever heard anyone say why. And being a smashing little guy. Minus tax and national insurance - £10."

In another tweet, the woman shared a still of her newly made patio and it looks no less than absolutely stunning.

Netizens too have had all kinds of reactions on this post. Some users have praised the builder’s gesture while some are of the opinion that children should stay away from construction sites.

A concerned user said, "As a builder I'd like to add the other side. Construction sites are dangerous places and I've lost track of the amount of times I've had to have stern words with customers that insist on letting their little darlings run around freely after already being asked nicely to stop them”

Another person in a rather witty tone said, "Love it but he shouldn’t be getting tax & national insurance deductions based on his age & income. Would you consider correcting & paying him accordingly pls?"

Here are a few other reactions:

What a sweet gesture!

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