Can You Identify This Animal? Netizens Enjoy Guessing Game in Viral Twitter Challenge

(Image credit: Twitter/ @Jksoniias)

(Image credit: Twitter/ @Jksoniias)

Most of the users guessed the animal as a crocodile.

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The Internet is a very interesting place, and when it comes to social media portals there is no limit for the kind of creativity one can share.

Recently, an Indian Administrative Services official Dr JK Soni shared an image that left many Twitter users scratching their head. In his post, Soni asked netizens to guess the animal by looking at a part of it. In the image that Soni has shared one can see a heavily edited image of eyes and a bit of the head.

Captioning the photo in his tweet, he wrote, “So dear friends, Can you identify what is this in photo ??? You must appreciate that #Nature is the finest, biggest and most versatile artist. Nature nurtures!”

As expected soon after the IAS official shared the image Twitterati got into a guessing spree. Most of the users guessed the animal as a crocodile.

Have a look at some of the guesses:

Thanking people for their participation in another tweet Dr JK Soni revealed the correct answer along with the real image of the reptile. He tweeted, “Thank you for your reply. this is a cropped photo of a crocodile- Head parts near both eyes. photo clicked at Chambal, Sawai Madhopur. sharing a lateral view too. I saw 7 huge crocodiles at a stretch of one km.”

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