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Car Busted for Carrying a 'Mountain' of Bicycles on Top in Australia after Viral Photo

Only in Australia | Image credit: Facebook

Only in Australia | Image credit: Facebook

DashCam footage of a car in Australia carrying a huge of bicycles is going viral on Facebook.

It was a bizarre sighting for few drivers in Australia when their dashcam captured a car that was carrying a mountain of bikes on its roof. The footage comes from Australia’s Eastern Creek, New South Wales.

A picture of the screengrab from the dashcam video was posted on a Facebook page called Dash Cam Owners Australia. The picture is part of Dash Cam Owners Australia’s ‘She’ll Be right mate’, album. Captioning the image with a witty remark the Facebook page wrote, ‘Getting all the kids bikes in the car for the Holiday season is becoming a challenge.’

The post has garnered over 7k reactions, 2.5k comments, and 933 shares since it was shared.

Netizens have expressed their own take on the hilarious picture. One user commented, “The power of prayer is amazing except when the rope breaks and the bikes go everywhere.” While another user wondered what the conversation between the driver and the traffic police would sound like when the car gets pulled over. A user named Anu Shoshona wrote, “I want to see the conversation this young driver has with the constable. I was challenged by my mates to see how many I could stack on my car."

While some users commended the car driver for an impeccable stacking of bicycles on top of the car, “Credit where credit is due, that’s one hell of an amazing stacking effort!” wrote one. “Has to be an installation art piece surely!”, said another

For its not-so-subtle way of transporting the children’s bikes, the car grabbed the attention of the highway patrol and cops.

The Dashcam Owners of Australia also posted a compilation of all the trending videos from 2020. Some of the clips posted on their YouTube channel included rash drivers crashing on highways, and some arguments that unfolded between two drivers who almost crashed into each other. One video that captured an angry exchange between a car driver and a motorcycle driver showed how the former threatened the latter that he is going to call the cops. Commenting on the clip, one user wrote, “To this day it is believed that he is still calling the cops”.

The video has garnered over 5,91, 807 views on YouTube.

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first published:January 13, 2021, 12:16 IST