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CarryMinati's YouTube Channel Hacked, Bitcoin Adverts Stream on CarryisLive

Image Credits: Carry Minati/Instagram/Twitter.

Image Credits: Carry Minati/Instagram/Twitter.

CarryisLive, Carry Minati's second YouTube channel appeared to had have been hacked by a Bitcon streamer.

Popular Indian Youtuber Ajey Nagar, known by his channel name, Carry Minati's YouTube appears to have been hacked.

Minati, who runs a second gaming channel on YouTube called CarryisLive, mainly posts gaming videos through it.

This was the channel which fans reported was hacked. The hacker apparently ran a bitcoin scam, asking people to donate to a particular account. The hack seems to have occurred in the early hours of Saturday.

The hacker changed description for the content of streaming, and content related to bitcoin donation showed up.

Nagar tweeted to YouTube India for assistance soon after the hack occured.

The hack comes less than two weeks after the Twitter accounts of Bill Gates and Elon Musk appeared to have been hacked, or fallen prey to a crypto-related scam.

The Twitter accounts of Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian West, Warren Buffet, and more also appeared to have had been compromised.

The scam posted tweets on behalf of Gates and Musk stated a Bitcoin wallet address along with the promise of sending back double the amount of BTC if a user sends a certain amount to the designated wallet first. The scam appeared to happen in two rounds, wherein the scammers posted similar Bitcoin-scamming tweets for the second time from both Gates’ and Musk’s accounts, after their first tweets were deleted.

Carry Minati's fans, however, solely held YouTube's security responsible for the breach. They shared their concerns... with memes.

As of 8:00 AM, the time of writing this story, the two live streams seem to have disappeared, either deleted or taken down by YouTube, or not posted as a video after the stream ended. Carry Minati's other channel, called Carry Minati seems to be untouched.