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Cat-fidelity: 'Unfaithful' Pet Led Double Lives, Was Cared for by Two Different Families

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Last Updated: December 05, 2019, 19:07 IST

Pixi the cheating cat | Image credit: Facebook

Pixi the cheating cat | Image credit: Facebook

Both the families that claimed to be Pixi the cat's parents lived in the same neighbourhood in Tampico, Mexico, and had no idea of their cat's infidelity.

While cheating partners are passé, today's version of weird news from around the interweb has brought to light a far less common kind of infidelity - a cheating pet. A family in Mexico was surprised to discover that their pet cat, who has been living with them for over two years, is actually leading two different lives, with two different names and is being taken care of by two different families.

Tampico, Mexico resident Mary Lore Barra, one of the cat's two owners, noticed that her cat Pixi was wearing a new collar around its neck.

Pixi had just returned home from his usual street quest. However, Barra was quick to understand that Pixi was “unfaithful” to his owners and actually had another family looking after its needs.

Mary then decided to inquire into the matter by putting a little note around the cat’s collar. "His name is Pixi the kitten, I think he has 2 houses, haha," she wrote on the note before Pixi left for its adventures. When the cat returned the second time, the note had an additional message written on it. It read, “Here he is called Huarache, apparently he does have two homes, haha. Greetings! The kitten's other parents.”

Turns out both the owners of the cat reside just a few blocks from one another, in the same neighbourhood. After discovering their cat’s infidelity, the owners decided to share custody of the cat and remained in touch through the notes.

Mary has shared that Pixi’s disloyalty has not upset her, and in fact, she feels that this cat is lucky to have two homes when some cats have none.

first published:December 05, 2019, 19:07 IST
last updated:December 05, 2019, 19:07 IST