Cat Sets Goalkeeping Goals after it Manages to Save Every Ball While Playing Football With Human

Yet another talented cat to help you beat lockdown blues | Image credit: Twitter

Yet another talented cat to help you beat lockdown blues | Image credit: Twitter

'Knew naming him Meownuel Neuer was a mistake', the cat parent wrote on Twitter.

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While videos of talented cats have flooded the internet in the past few years, a recent video that showcases the goalkeeping skills of a cat has left social media users impressed.

Shared by YouTuber Chris Dixon on Twitter, the clip features the feline stopping the football from entering into the goal as Dixon kicks it.

Through his post’s caption, Dixon extended a tribute to German footballer Manuel Neuer. “Knew naming him Meownuel Neuer was a mistake,” reads the caption.

Neuer is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers in football. He has won 7 Bundesliga titles with Bayern Munich and a Champions League. Playing for his country Germany, Neuer won the FIFA World Cup in 2014.

Since being shared on the micro-blogging site, the cat video has been viewed over 4 million times. Over 1.5 lakh people liked the footage and 40,000 users retweeted the post.

Impressed by the stellar performance of the cat, netizens applauded the goalkeeping skills.

One user said, “I’m a dog person. But this is persuasive.”

Another person said, “I might have to train my dog to compete with this. The next Scott Sterling.”

Others also reacted to the hilarious video.

Last month, in a similar incident, Norwegian beach volleyball player Mathias Berntsen had shared a video of a dog playing volleyball along with three people on his Instagram account.

In the clip, the dog could be seen perfectly striking the ball and helping its partner to get it to the other side of the net. “Saturday’s pepper session,” read the caption on the video.

Without a doubt, these animals are impressing sports lovers across the world with their skills.

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