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Chetan Bhagat Told 'Elite' Critics 'Don't Write Rubbish' For Sushant Singh Rajput's Film. It Backfired

(Image credit: Twitter)

(Image credit: Twitter)

Chetan Bhagat launched a diatribe against 'snobbish' film critics and warned them against giving bad reviews for Sushant Singh Rajput's last film.

Amid raging debate regarding the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in Bollywood film industry, author Chetan Bhagat has joined the bandwagon too.

On Tuesday, the writer led a diatribe against "snobbish", "English-speaking" film critics.

"Dear stars," he wrote.

"You make tens, maybe hundreds of crores. A country of a billion people loves you. Isn't that enough? Do you really need validation from phony, English speaking evil critics, who caused mental health issues leading to a star's death? Stop patronizing them, please," the author wrote.

In a further tweet, he laid out a "warning" for critics. with Rajput's last film set for a posthumous release, Bhagat called out to critics and asked them to not be "over smart".

"Sushant's last film releases this week. I want to tell the snob and elitist critics right now, write sensibly. Don't act over-smart. Don't write rubbish. Be fair and sensible. Don't try your dirty tricks. You have ruined enough lives. Now stop. We'll be watching," he wrote.

But Bhagat's one specific sentence 'Don't write rubbish' has led to netizens taking a dig at the author.

The 'One Night at the Call Centre' author alleged that he had also been "driven to suicide" after Vidhu Vinod Chopra bullied him and denied him credit for "3 Idiots".

The tweets did not sit well with many on social media including film critic Anupama Chopra. "Each time you think the discourse can’t get lower, it does," she wrote.

The tweets have led to debate on Twitter with some calling out Bhagat for threatening critics like Chopra for doing their job.

Yet others spoke in support of the author.

Bhagat's tweets come amid raging controversy regarding the actor's death with many in the Bollywood facing flak and outrage.