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Chinese Subway Guard Sacked after Leaking X-ray Scan of Sex Toys Inside Woman Passenger’s Bag

Sex toys | Image credit: Reuters (Representational)

Sex toys | Image credit: Reuters (Representational)

A Weibo user posted screenshots of a private group chat where the security guard had images of an X-ray scan of the commuter’s bag with a sex toy inside.

Guangzhou Metro in China sacked a security guard after he took photos of X-ray scans of a woman’s luggage containing sex toys and shared it in a group chat. On May 7, a Weibo user posted screenshots of the group chat where the guard had posted photos of an X-ray scan of the commuter’s bag. The guard, who was appointed at Guangzhou-Foshan subway, said that he found heavy metal objects in the woman’s bag during the X-ray scan so he requested her to open it. Inside the bag, he found a whip, a dildo and various other sex toys. “She looked like Lin Chi-ling in her plaid skirt, but she had this in her bag,” the guard wrote in the group chat.

As per reports, the blogger who shared the screenshots of the guard’s conduct also complained to the police and the metro station. After the guard’s behaviour was exposed, social media users were outraged. People voiced concerns about how the guard used his male entitlement to comfortably violate a woman’s privacy in a group chat.

A user wrote, “How can someone as bad-mannered as this qualify as a security guard? Who gave you the right to take photos of commuters’ personal belongings and leave inappropriate comments?” However, some users also pointed out that sex toys needed to be destigmatised.

When the blogger’s post went viral the guard apologised claiming that he shared the photos with a friend who posted them in the group without his knowledge. Guangzhou Metro fired the guard and handed him over to the police on May 7, the same day the screenshots were posted.


In an online statement, Guangzhou Metro said, “We have zero tolerance of any action leaking passenger privacy,” they also claimed that they had asked their security check unit to conduct professional training to avoid such conduct. However, people were unhappy about how Guangzhou Metro handled the incident.

A user said that Guangzhou Metro has never been able to avoid such incidents from happening. In 2019, a security guard forced a woman to remove her Gothic make-up. In another outrageous incident, a guard was sacked for taking upskirt photos of a woman.

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first published:May 12, 2021, 20:14 IST