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Chris Hemsworth Gives a Hitchhiker Lift of a Lifetime, Drops Him Off on a Chopper

Image credits: Chris Hemsworth / Instagram

Image credits: Chris Hemsworth / Instagram

'Your chopper is arriving now.'

  • Last Updated: October 23, 2018, 11:53 AM IST
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Hitchhiking can be an experience in itself. But what if we told you that a hitchhiker in Australia got the ride of his life after he was picked by Thor himself? Yep, Chris Hemsworth came to a backpacker's rescue, as the latter was trying to get from Brisbane International Airport to Byron Bay.

Scott Hildebrand, a musician by profession, had returned from a friend's wedding in Mexico when he decided to take a lift back to Byron in Australia to save a few bucks.

"It was completely real as I had just gotten back from Mexico and decided to hitchhike back to Byron as it was cheaper than taking the bus. It was like 50 bucks to get the bus, so I thought I would try hitchhiking as it was early in the morning," Scott told ABC Radio.

Filming the entire incident, Luke, Hemsworth's friend and personal trainer said, "So we've just landed in Brissie, we've just seen a guy is hitchhiking to Byron Bay. That's where we're going!"

"We're going to Byron, we'll give him a lift," added Hemsworth.

But that was just the beginning. In a matter of few minutes, the car ride turned into a helicopter ride and Scott ended up flying. "Little does he know that we're getting a chopper," Luke added in the now-viral Instagram video.

And the best part? Scott had no idea who Chris Hemsworth was. He revealed that he only came to know how big a deal it was to ride with him when they reached the helipad. "I realised when we switched vehicles and he asked, 'Have you ever ridden in a helicopter?' At that point I thought they must be someone special," he added.

The video posted on Monday has clocked in almost 2 million views now.

"Picked up a hitchhiker, wasn’t a serial killer which we were stoked about and just happened to be a kick ass musician Scott Hildebrand @scotthilde #WelcomeToAustralia," Hemsworth captioned the clip.

As for Scott, he's over cloud 9. Literally.

"When hitchhiking leads to a helicopter ride with Thor... So grateful for this crazy experience and the opportunity to share my music with so many beautiful people. Chris is such an awesome dude! Thanks so much guys!@chrishemsworth," Scott wrote on his Instagram page and also shared the same video from his once in a lifetime experience.

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