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College Student Asks His Crush out by Sending a 'Resume' Listing 'Objective' and 'Mating Skills'

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Yes, a resume to validate his self-esteem and be more detailed about his own qualifications and interests.

In a time of dating apps, where fishing out a date is all about trying out new techniques on social media, an American graduate came up with a rather unique way of asking his four-year-old crush out for a date — all by building a "resume".

Yes, making sure he leaves no stones unturned in the process of pleasing his date, the man built a resume to give a detailed picture of his own "qualifications, skills and interests".

James, a graduate from San Diego University, finally summed up the guts to ask out his crush of four years, Kristii, since it was the "last semester" of college. He did so by sending her a "dating resume".

The cover letter-turned-date-resume started with a straightforward objective. It read: "Take you on a date and have fun. Not looking to loop you into a relationship. I've known you 4 years and always had a thing for you. last semester of college."

Adding to his objective, James went on to mention more details of his life such as "Mom/Dad issues".

"Funny, "good style" and "Mama's boy" - these characteristics were further substantiated with cleverly picked up quotes of Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain and even Gandhi!

James ended his resume by giving 'references' of women he has dated before in case his crush, Kristii, needed to cross-check the authenticity of his claims.

The post, which was shared by Kristii on Twitter, was captioned: "Told a guy if he really wanted to take me out on a date then he should send me a cover letter (jokingly ofcourse) but he actually sent me a resume???"

The post went on to draw a lot of reactions, including the "referred" people, who claimed how James had cheated on them. While many found the resume to be hilarious, many others were put off by the "misogyny" in some of the pointers put forth by James.

However, this isn't the first time when someone has approached their crush with a resume.

Earlier, in an attempt to fish out a suitable date for herself, a Tinder user had asked her dates to mail her their resumes, listing their interests and achievements.