This Comedian Talking About Superstitions in India is All Kinds of Relatable

Photo credits: 
Raunaq Rajani / YouTube

Photo credits: Raunaq Rajani / YouTube

'Prasad ko mana nahi karte.'

Anurag Verma
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  • Last Updated: August 18, 2019, 2:40 PM IST
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The fact that we Indians are superstitious is no secret.

We could be having a perfectly normal day and next moment *boom* an innocent black cat crosses our path and now we have a storm of bad luck coming our way. But as quickly as we invite trouble, we jugaadu folks always have a handy remedy to ward off the evil instantly. Touchwood.

From flipping upturned chappals to NOT cutting nails at night to avoiding non-veg on Tuesdays and Thursdays to hanging nimbu-mirchi in front of our vehicles for safety (airbags, who?), we desis have been following age-old practices because our nanis-dadis told us to do so without offering any logical explanation. And who wants bad luck anyway, right?

Now, in a fresh gig, stand-up comedian Raunaq Rajani takes a deep dive into Indian superstitions that he has faced growing up in a conservative family.

Exam hacks.

Making a wish.

Prasad ko mana nahi karte.

(Credits: YouTube/FB)

Sharing the hilarious video on his Facebook page Rajani writes, "Hello! Here is my stand up video on Indian superstitions and my family. Please pass on this video to 1000 people and something beautiful will happen before you sleep tonight!"

You can watch it here:

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