News18» News»Buzz»'E ≠ mc^2': Controversial 'Godman' Tries to Explain How Albert Einstein Got His Science Wrong, Fails

'E ≠ mc^2': Controversial 'Godman' Tries to Explain How Albert Einstein Got His Science Wrong, Fails

'E ≠ mc^2': Controversial 'Godman' Tries to Explain How Albert Einstein Got His Science Wrong, Fails

The Internet is in disbelief. And rightly so.

E = mc^2, an equation derived from physicist Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity holds a very crucial place in the science and the math world.


The equation simply states that the energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; that they are different forms of the same thing and under right conditions, energy can become mass and vice versa.

> E = energy (measured in joules, J)

> m = mass (measured in kilograms, kg)

> c = the speed of light (measured in metres per second, ms-1)

But little did Einstein know that his years of research would be used to calculate 'vegetarian and non-vegetarian brains' of Indians in 2018.

We aren't even kidding. ''E is not equal to mc square'' claims controversial self-styled godman Nithyananda.

But why is E ≠ mc^2?

Here's Nithyananda's explanation how Einstein got it all wrong:

"E equal to not mc square. Cannot be mc square. What is mc square? The difference between intensity and continuity. What is energy, what is matter? Matter is continuity. Energy is intensity. mc. What do you call as matter? Anything continue. What do you call as energy? Anything intense. The intensity and continuity is seperate for a non-veg crooked brain which has seen only ups and downs. Only a vegetarian brain which can retain the experiences continuously without losing the intensity can understand. m and c is not mc. It is mmmmmmmmccccccccc," Nithyananda said at Nithya Satsang held in Bengaluru back in February.

Why is the video going viral now, you ask? A Facebook page -- The Avatar Clicks regularly shares snippets from Nithyananda's Satsang and the Internet somehow got a whiff of it.

The same video was uploaded on another Facebook page leaving users baffled.

And to no one's surprise, Nithyananda is now an Internet meme.

But this isn't it. Nithyananda also spoke about the science behind child birth.

And how no human being has gone to moon.

Nithyananda goes on to talk about artifical intelligence and silicon valley.

"Laptops-computers, iPhones all use the chip from Ganga maati. All the music storage apps, visual storage apps, use Yamuna maati."

Here's the entire 1 hour 23 minute long Satsang where Nithyananda does revelations about Biology, Chemistry and Physics from the Vedic tradition.

Nithyananda is no stranger to controversy. He is facing trial for allegedly raping his disciple and has been on the run after the police filed a chargesheet against him.