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Cops Rescue Pet Dogs from Roasting Car after Couple Lock Them in to Dine at Restaurant in UK

Credits: YouTube/ visual-link media

Credits: YouTube/ visual-link media

The incident occurred in Brighton when a couple locked their two dogs inside their car and left to dine a restaurant, seemingly unaware of the severe effect heat can have on animals.

Leaving pets inside cars in hot weather can have severe implications on their health. It not only leaves them suffocated and dehydrated but poses a risk to their lives as well. One such incident was reported in Brighton Seafront on Saturday evening where a couple left their two dogs inside their sweltering car while they were eating meals at a cafe. The police officers took notice of the situation and saw a beagle and another dog trapped inside the roasting car when they broke the vehicle’s window and rescued the pets. The entire incident was captured by an onlooker who was of the view that owners were unaware the heat could be deadly for the animals. Talking to The Sun, the person filming the incident revealed that the car was parked directly on the seafront at 25 degrees celsius where there was no shade. When the officer broke the car’s window with a baton to help the pooches take a sigh of relief in the surging heat, he saw the dogs were panting.

As the owners rushed to the spot hearing the sound of their car’s alarm, they were complaining about the broken window. They fumed and retorted mentioning being away for 10 minutes.

According to the Sun, the owner couple who were dining at Carats Café and Bar in Southwick, near Brighton, was seen stealing from the staff tip jar standing at the counter. Sharing the CCTV footage with the police officials, staff of the food joint confirmed that cash was stolen from the café. The staff added that the couple demanded a refund on two breakfasts they had eaten, complaining of finding a hair in their food.


However, as per the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), cars can become “as hot as an oven" very quickly, with temperatures of 22C outside, reaching 47-degree celsius in a car within an hour. Police officials urge people to not leave their pets in cars in the scorching heat.

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first published:June 15, 2021, 14:25 IST