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Daredevil Delivery Man in China Scales Two Storeys to Save Toddler Dangling from Window

Screengrab of the video.

Screengrab of the video.

The man was passing by the area when he saw the child dangling by the window of the building.

A delivery man passing by the area became a blessing in disguise as he helped a toddler get rescued when he was hanging from the safety bars of a window. The incident took place earlier this week in the Guangzhou region of China.

A video clip of the man climbing a two-storey building without any safety gear has been posted online. The video of the brave act has been going viral and netizens are praising the man.

According to a report by The Indian Express, the man who saved the kid has been identified as Li Jiajun.

The video was uploaded by the Chinese news agency Xinhua. The post was captioned as: “A boy got stuck between security window bars on Monday in Guangzhou, China. Watch how he was rescued”.

The report added that the delivery man was passing by the street and saw a kid hanging in between the safety bars of the window. While his whole body except his head dangled, family members tried to pull him up. Without thinking of his safety JiaJun jumped into the rescue work.

After safely scaling the two storeys, he pushed the kid from below so that he was securely pulled by his family. The child did not suffer from any major injuries.

Netizens have showered love on JiaJun. While one Twitter user called him a hero in the cover of a delivery man, another user extended gratitude as the kid was rescued.

first published:May 29, 2020, 13:49 IST