Dear HUL, Great Work on Name Change with 'Glow & Lovely' But You Need Grammar Lessons

Fair & lovely just changed its name to Glow & Lovely | Image credit: Twitter

Fair & lovely just changed its name to Glow & Lovely | Image credit: Twitter

Consumers don't seem to be convinced by HUL's new name 'Glow & Lovely' for its skin brightening cream with many pointing out the inconsistent grammar in the phrase.

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  • Last Updated: July 3, 2020, 3:16 PM IST
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Hindustan Unilever's flagship skin whitening cream just got a new name but the reactions to the name change are far from 'glowing'.

The Indian arm of global consumer giant Unilever said on Thursday its much-criticized skin cream 'Fair & Lovely' will be rebranded as 'Glow & Lovely'. The company last month said it would rebrand its skin-lightening cream 'Fair & Lovely', which has received considerable backlash for perpetuating negative stereotypes related to darker skin tones.

The change in name, however, seems to have left a bad taste in consumers' mouths, many of whom complained that changing the name while selling the same product was just a cosmetic solution to the problem of colourism and racism that skin lightening products engender.

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But that wasn't the only complain. Many had an issue with the new name itself which is perhaps not the most grammatically whetted phrase. Many pointed out the incorrect usage of "Glow" in the new name. Columnist and commentator Suhel Seth joked that the creators of the new name needed to be sent a copy of Wren and Martin's English dictionary. Yet others chimed in and pointed out who a verb had hijacked the adjective in the old name.

Comedienne Shristi Patch also uploaded a video rant on the ungrammatical name on her Instagram account.

In keeping with all the criticism, we have compiled some of the suggestions made by netizens for HUL to rename their skin "brightening" cream - "Glowing & Lovely", "Glow and Be Lovely," "Bright & Lovely". Or they could drop the cream from their list of products altogether. But until then, a grammatically correct name would perhaps be less of an eyesore.

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