Delhi Auto-Rickshaw Driver Has Come Up With an Innovative 'Jugaad' to Combat Winters

Image credits: Bubble wrap.

Image credits: Bubble wrap.

Jugaad or brilliant idea?

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As temperature has gone down in the Northern parts of India, the national capital of India, Delhi continues to suffer with cold blows. The city has seen dipping temperature in the last few days, with visibility decreasing at a constant rate. White the city fellas continue to suffer; a few people have come up with their unique techniques to brave the cold. And one of these people is an autowala from Delhi.

Yes, you heard it right! An autowala in the city has put a simple technique into use to safeguard his passengers from the cold. The autorickshaw driver has covered the passenger section with bubble-wrap, creating a wall for the wind.

The information was shared by Twitter user @Polychai1, who wrote, “Autowala won my heart! Simple technique but really effective to save the passenger from Dilli ki sardi! #jugaadzindabad #dillikisardi.” The user also shared a gif to show the arrangement to the netizens.

Ever since the post has been shared, Twitteratti has hailed and appreciated the driver of the technique. Hailing his ‘jugaad’, a user wrote, “Sardi se bachao + mini airbags ki safety,” while other tagged business tycoon Anand Mahindra in the post. As known, Mahindra keeps sharing the creative techniques on his Twitter page.

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Meanwhile, as mentioned in earlier reports, the national capital is suffering from such extreme winters after a long time. According to the Meteorological Department, the Delhi-NCR region is expected to record its second-coldest December since 1901.

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